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Current Specials

Looking for the ultimate in lash extensions? Look no further than the Flawless Touch Spa. As specialists since 2010, we know what long lashes can do for you. 


Our professional and dedicated team of Advanced Lash Stylists aim to offer consistent, quality customer service in a relaxed environment. 


Classic Lashes


Our eyes reflect our personality and therefore we need to take care of them and make them more beautiful and expressive. One way to achieve this is to go for Natural Eyelash Extension Or Known As Classic Eyelash Extension. This technique works on three aspects of eyelashes: length, thickness, and volume. 



Volume Lashes


Volume Eyelash Extensions is provided as one of the latest methods of improving the thickness and volume of your eyelashes. Our experts at Flawless Touch Spa are trained in the field of eyelash artistry and they handle each and every patient according to their age, ethnicity, and other requirments. 


All our clients in Vaughan, King City, Toronto are particularly satisfied with our services and they love the new Volume Eyelash Extensions because of the better and longer lasting results. The Technique we use for Volume Eyelash Extensions is essentially the latest and most up-to-date method in eyelash artistry practiced in salons around the globe. 



Lash Lifts


What is Lash Lifts? Lash Lifts have gained popularity with the most influential celebrities. Lash Lift is everything you need for your lashes. We work and listen with our clients to provide the look they've always wanted. The lash enhancement lifts and boosts your natural lashes without damaging them and with no lash extensions needed. 75 minutes is all you need with us, for lashes that can last 4-12 weeks with no removal required. Your natural lashes will be lifted, curled, darkened and protected by our Keratin Treatment. 


Our Lash Enhancement artisans have been trained and certified.



Eyebrow & Lash Tinting


Let our face experts give you a polished and defined look by adding a hint of tint to make pale or barely there brows and lashes pop! Well-groomed brows create a more defined and youthful appearance- while darker lashes make your eyes look bolder and brighter!


We use the #1 tinting product on the market! Our certified face experts find your perfect colour match, or have fun with an on-trend shade!


A safe and effective semi-permanent hair-darkening tint treatment for eyebrows or lashes.